Reimagine Retail Refrigeration

Due North creates refrigerated, retail merchandising solutions that maximize our customers’ success. Beverages, ice-cream & frozen desserts, fresh & prepared, pet food and so much more are sold in our wide range of merchandisers.

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Our merchandisers support customers in various markets with configurations and technologies that suit their specific requirements.

Great Businesses Choose Us For Our Commitment

Our customers choose us because we are committed to offering them the most suitable self-contained retail refrigerated merchandising program. Above all else, we understand their needs and strive to provide them with the right type of merchandisers, the right configurations, the right accessories and the knowledge and expertise that will help them maximize sales, support a superior consumer brand experience, and enhance business performance.

North American Merchandisers Designed And Made

Our North American based manufacturing capacity aligns with our customers’ growth requirements, allowing us to provide merchandisers where, when, and how they are needed. Our innovative spirit shines as we work to advance our customers’ competitive advantages through simplified refrigerated retail merchandising and minimize our environmental impact.

Responsible Practices & Materials

At Due North, we are as committed to the future of our world as we are to the future of our customers. That is why we strive to be an example in terms of environmental responsibility. To that end, we have pursued solar renewable energy solutions, paperless offices, and recycled materials whenever possible.

For our merchandising units:

  • We use an alternative foam insulation with zero Ozone Depletion Potential, Volatile Organic Compounds, or Global Warming Potential
  • Our door sealing is the best in the industry, coupled with the most energy efficient glass on the market and a unique low maintenance condenser style that boosts operating efficiency
  • We were one of the first commercial refrigerator manufacturers to introduce energy saving LED lighting
  • We were one of the first to use R290 approved refrigerant, which contributes far less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Our SmartLock technology protects the integrity of refrigerated perishables, ensuring minimal food spoilage and wastage
  • We are certified as  DOE compliant and our QBD brand has been awarded the 2023 Energy Star Partner of the Year and Excellence in Product Design in 2022, 2021, 2020, & 2019
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