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Back To School With Bold Graphics And A Sleek Refrigeration Look

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September is not only a time for youth to flaunt their back-to-school styles, it’s also a time to reinvent your c-store refrigeration selling methods. Chic, bold colors and prints, cool accessories and a professional look, when it comes to glass door refrigeration, can increase your younger customer awareness and lead to more impulse purchases. Back to school is a perfect time to maximize your refrigerated product selling potential.

Color influences refrigeration purchasing choices

The psychology of color tells us that pre-adolescent children favor more vibrant secondary and primary colors like orange, yellow, blue, red, green and purple. They show preference to solid blocks of color rather than patterns.

Teenagers who frequent your convenience store are open to shades that are more advanced and elaborate because of their exposure to computer graphic applications. They are more affected by ethnic patterns and some of the younger teenage girls adore multiple shades or purple and pink. As for the later teens, they often show a preference for black – this relates to the psychological need for black during the transition stage of their life, from innocence of childhood to the sophistication of adulthood.

Consumer choices can be influenced by the branding and colors that adorn your glass door refrigeration units. They carry strong connections to specific ideas and products and evoke different feelings in different people. When it comes to your refrigeration branding, Minus Forty, offers a myriad of options that suit your needs. We offer:

  • Full graphics capabilities and several color options
  • Full height glass doors
  • Better product merchandising
  • Premium fit and finish
  • A complete line of coolers and freezers ranging from countertop, single door and double door cabinets

Think of our units as your “blank canvas” and from a marketing standpoint, a very effective way to feature your food products and beverages through colorful door stickers, banners, and decals, and bright, high visibility backlight signage. Any messaging in your designs should provide quick information, be easily understood, and should be in plain simple language to not confuse your customers. Lastly, keep it interesting and plan to change up the decals now and then to promote interest and keep youth and teenagers engaged in your product offering.

Lights, action, sell more

It’s amazing what LED lighting can do to brighten your food products and your sales. With LED lighting your food products take center stage on the red carpet by being showcased in bright, well-lit interiors. Quality illumination, high-efficiency LED improves color and contrast, helps lure the customer and it’s also attractive on cost savings – saves energy and lasts 4-5 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. You’ll find that quality lighting in your refrigeration merchandising units pays off with your younger customers: studies have proven that installing better lighting improves sales by 35% and conversion rates (number of customers who made a purchase after viewing the display) by 100%.

Make them see it – placement makes perfect

Aside from color and lighting, product positioning is just as important. If you have key product that you want to sell fast or a new product that you want customers to note, placing it at eye level could mean more buying. You can take advantage of this by placing new or best seller products at about the 60-inch mark, to feature them and increase the likelihood of possible purchase. For extra marketing, consider tying in a graphic to highlight the new product in the same glass door refrigeration merchandiser.

How your refrigerator or freezer shelves are stocked also dictate impact on product sales. Keep things orderly and fully stocked, but not over stocked and convey attention to best before dates that indicate freshness.

If you practice the above, all these marketing tactics add up to a better purchasing experience for your customers. If you have any additional questions related to marketing and sales of your refrigerated food items, do reach out to us. We are here to help.


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