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Commercial Freezers And The Environment

Due North 2 door commercial refrigerator

FreezerWhether purchasing your very first commercial freezers or planning to replace your existing relics, there are a number of manufacturing and production differences that have taken a more green approach—especially with the chemicals and products used to create these cooling appliances. So let’s take a look at some key changes, their impact and what you can do to save money, use less energy and become a more knowledgeable purchaser.

Older commercial freezers are environmentally damaging

It should come as no surprise that commercial freezers are among the top energy-consuming appliances. More significant are the impacts older commercial freezer models have had on our environment due to formerly accepted chemical products used, like R404A.

At Minus Forty Technologies, we believe in using ozone-friendly R404A CFC free refrigerants. So what is this chemical, and why is it significant that we have made available R404A CFC free units? Some of the cons in using this chemical, as well as benefits in ceasing its use are listed below.

Green Freeze – Noteworthy Features in Today’s Models

Green FreezeAnother great feature in new freezer units is the use of LED bulbs, such the duel LED high intensity interior lighting used by Minus Forty in many products. Light-emitting-diode, or simply LED, provides many valid reasons to make the switch from incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

  • Use less energy – at times 85 % more efficient than other bulbs. This means a significant reduction in energy consumption and massively reduced stress on the city energy grid.
  • Reduced turnover rate in replacing bulbs – you can go years (sometimes 20 years) without having to replace an LED bulb. In comparing an incandescent bulb’s lifespan (averages around 750 hours), to that of a LED’s (reports of 50,000 hours), the advantage and cost-savings is huge.

Newer freezer models are also equipped with better insulation—like the triple pane thermal insulation used by Minus Forty. This means that your units’ capacity to not only ‘trap’ colder air in will be greater, it also indicates that less energy will be needed to maintain the cool temperature inside your units.

Buying? Remember to Look for Certification

Look for CertificationIt’s important to factor in how R404A CFC free units, as well as how LED bulb will impact the consumption of energy used by your freezer, and ultimately your environmental impact. It’s also important to do your research and seek out specific certifications when looking at freezer units, such as: Canadian Standards Association (CSA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) marks of approval.

All three of these particular certifications are guaranteed with Minus Forty freezers, and provide consumers with the knowledge and confidence that products have been tested, and have passed national standards of quality and safety.

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