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A Commercial Refrigerator You’ll Love For Your Micromarket

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When it comes to managing your micromarket, the business you started, passion and commitment play a big role in your success. This Valentine’s Day show your micromarket even more love with some state-of-the-art technology that will keep your commercial refrigerator running efficiently for the long term.

We are witnessing the expansion into interactive commercial refrigeration associated with the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). What if your coolers or freezers could talk to you? Well, guess what, they can – they can tap into the power of IoT to deliver you improved business operations, enhanced customer service, simplified quality-assurance compliance and better profitability.

A bond with your commercial refrigerator

Minus Forty’s SmartConnect is the evolution of IoT connectivity for micromarket cooler merchandisers. It starts with being able to access more data about your merchandiser. You will be able to gather data on several key parameters like:

  • Commercial refrigerator cabinet temperature
    • Check current and historical merchandiser alarm conditions such as high temperature, door open, other malfunction alarms and remotely silence alarms. SmartConnect also features detailed historical temperature reporting.
  • Door opening status
    • It allows remote door monitoring, including locking and unlocking on units that are equipped with Minus Forty’s food safety SmartLock.
  • Power failures
    • Receive notification when there is a power failure
  • Several key components are visible on the dashboard
    • Evaporator temperature
    • Compressor cycles
    • Defrost cycles

Its cloud-based platform provides instant real-time notifications and alerts via text or email, so owners can respond remotely and ensure inventory safety.

You can’t help but develop a good bond with our SmartConnect solution as it helps your business evolve to the next level. SmartConnect accesses merchandiser data that helps you understand and improve processes, so you no longer waste product, resources and squander time and money.

Your head in the clouds

Minus Forty’s SmartConnect goes the extra mile and leverages the power of IOT to deliver improved business efficiency, enhanced customer service, simplified quality assurance compliance, and better profitability.

No distance is too far

Imagine if your commercial refrigerator could instantly diagnose and solve issues by accessing reports containing minute, daily and weekly merchandiser data, which is handy if a health inspector decides to pay a visit. Or, if something is not performing properly and you need to take proactive measures from your car or home.

Should a customer call to complain about soft ice cream, you can manage this remotely by checking the temperature and making small adjustments. In the end, resulting in no product spoilage, great customer service and cost savings from not having to make a service call.

Another situation that IoT sensor-based cabinets can detect, is if a customer accidently knocks over a food item in the commercial refrigerator cabinet that prevented the door from closing. Smart sensors can send a door alert to notify a customer or route driver to pick up the item and close the door properly.

It’s meant to be with this commercial refrigerator

Once you experience SmartConnect, you’ll wonder how you lived without it all this time. SmartConnect can be factory installed when Minus Forty builds your new merchandiser. Creating an automated/controlled micro market experience with end-to-end tracking is the future.

The SmartConnect gateway with its built-in cellular modem, simply mounts on the back of the merchandiser and connects to the data port. The potential ways these new capabilities can be leveraged is almost endless and allow for less downtime, more satisfied customers, quick fixes and provides peace of mind to operators. What’s not to love?

Call your Minus Forty Business Development Manager to learn more about the breakthrough technology of SmartConnect.





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