Make Your Merchandisers Unique With Customizable Features

Our wide range of standard production merchandisers can be modified to meet your specific requirements. Gain the benefits of customizable features to present products in the best way to drive sales at retail.


Popular exterior cabinet colors are black and silver with black or white interiors. If you need a cabinet color that’s more suited to your needs, let us know.

Product Presentation

Accessories like baskets, dividers, shelves, pushers, menu strips and lighting all can make a merchandiser work harder for the product it sells by presenting it in the best way possible.


Custom graphics promote your brand and let retail customers know what’s in your merchandiser. What better way to advertise products at retail?

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Find out how a Due North retail refrigerated customized merchandiser program can help your business.

Custom Merchandisers Are Truly, Custom

Some of our customers have retail merchandising goals that are best achieved through a highly specific approach and a Due North custom merchandiser build. If you’re a retailer or product manufacturer looking for the perfect refrigerated display merchandiser and just can’t find it, a Minus Forty® Custom Merchandiser by Due North might be, perfect.

New Capabilities

Customers like f’real need a retail solution that has very unique capabilities; all designed, engineered and manufactured turnkey by Due North. Thousands of merchandisers now sell delicious milkshakes, packed with flavor.

New Technologies

Pepsi is one of many customers who have special configuration requirements and want to integrate payment systems into some of their applications. New technologies of various capabilities are central to our DNA and advance our customers’ retail strategies.

New Shapes

Sometimes the merchandiser needs to be a little taller, a different color or perhaps have different shelving than our wide range of standard units. Whatever is different about it, we can likely affordably create it.

Your Custom Merchandiser Manufacturing Process

Due North creates refrigerated, retail merchandising solutions that maximize our customers’ success. Beverages, ice-cream, deli meats, pet food, sandwiches and so much more are sold in our wide range of merchandisers.


Develop Solution

We’ll review custom merchandiser requirements with you, develop a proposed concept and discuss our recommended solution.


Finalize Solution

We’ll finalize the solution together and project timelines.


Design Drawings

We’ll create fully engineered concepts and drawings to support quality manufacturing of your custom merchandiser at-scale.



We’ll build a custom merchandiser prototype that meets the exacting specifications.


Testing & Certifications

We’ll test and certify all the attributes of the custom merchandiser to ensure it performs as expected prior to its manufacture.


Tooling, Production & Delivery

We’ll tool our plants, and manufacture your custom merchandisers to the quality, volume and timeline requirements. Then we’ll deliver your custom merchandisers however, wherever and whenever you need them.

Fully Engineered to Your Specs

  • Leverage our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to build reliable custom merchandisers that meet your unique display needs.
  • Meet performance testing, compliance and certification standards that provide confidence that your custom merchandiser is built to the highest manufacturing levels.

Optimized Performance with
Advanced Refrigeration Technology

  • Maximize reliability, temperature stability, energy consumption and improve overall performance with the most technically advanced retail refrigerated merchandiser technologies.
  • Achieve a longer product lifecycle and a lower total cost-of-ownership.

Custom is Affordable

  • Achieve value at-scale with a fully engineered process that leverages our capabilities and manufacturing infrastructure.
  • The high quality of our output ensures your custom units will pay for themselves several times over during their lifetime.

Guaranteed Production Timeline

  • From initial design to final delivery, a guaranteed and timely schedule will ensure your custom merchandisers are ready to help you sell more.
  • Our 4 facilities and team of 500+ people work collaboratively to multi-track faster production.

Scale Across Your Entire Footprint

  • Display your perfect merchandiser across your entire retail footprint, leveraging the scale and capabilities of North America’s #1 manufacturer of self-contained retail refrigerated merchandisers.
  • Receive your merchandisers however, wherever and whenever you need them with our just-in-time logistics model.
  • Whatever your volume requirements, large or more modest, we can help you.

Speak with a sales specialist

Find out how a Due North retail refrigerated customized merchandiser program can help your business.

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