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How To Maintain A Refrigerated Merchandiser

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In our last blog post, we spoke about the negative impact that a tired looking or dirty refrigerated merchandiser can have on product sell-through, reducing return visits to the store by as much as 28%. Accordingly, a consistent cleaning regime for both the inside and outside of the cabinet will improve product presentation, hygiene and positive brand perception.

commercial freezer or refrigeratorBut what about the internal workings of a commercial freezer or refrigerator, those components that are usually “Out of sight and out of mind”?

Much like the radiator in your car, many types of merchandisers have a condenser that must be kept free of dust, hair and other debris. If the condenser is not kept clean, it cannot dissipate heat energy that is necessary for the refrigeration system to function. Prolonged operation in this state will cause the compressor to overheat and fail.

How to avoid compressor failure in a refrigerated merchandiser?

We recommend:

  • inspecting these units monthly
  • cleaning at minimum every 90 days

This routine is often overlooked by retail employees who likely have little understanding of refrigeration design.

Cut out the condenser cleaning

sell your productsThere’s good news on this front however. A Minus Forty refrigerated merchandiser has self-cleaning condensers that eliminate added maintenance, ensuring the unit never overheats. Your refrigerated or freezer merchandising program can now operate with many years of uninterrupted service leaving your employees to do what they do best (sell your products!)

For more information, contact your Refrigerated Merchandising Guru at Minus Forty Technologies

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