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How Trade Shows Keep You Up To Date With Commercial Refrigerator Technology

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In a sea of options, how do you know what will be your best investment? How do you discover the latest advances in commercial refrigerator technology? How can you know the true benefits of a company’s offerings? Sometimes, reading product specification sheets online isn’t enough to understand the benefits a high-quality product can offer you or your business. Sometimes, a product needs to be seen and experienced in person for its impact and functionality to be best understood. Industry trade shows are a great way to learn about what the top brands of today are offering, and can help you run your business better, more efficiently, and increase your sales.

 At trade shows, companies will have booths set up to display new products to customers, as well as provide input regarding customer’s needs and pain points. Companies that invest the time and effort to make appearances at trade shows gain valuable insight into their customers use cases, their competitor’s offerings, and ways to improve their customer service and product solutions. Minus Forty has found it essential to have a presence at major pet food retail trade shows, as it grants the opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest in commercial refrigeration technology and ascertain customer satisfaction regarding our refrigerated merchandisers.

Be on the cutting edge of commercial refrigerator technology, and secure value for your business

The easiest way to understand a product’s value and functionality is by seeing both in person. Industry trade shows let people see products firsthand and understand what makes them unique. Attendees can witness how products can be used, what problems they solve, and what new features are being offered. Top companies are constantly making innovations through their R&D departments with the intent of solving customer issues and setting themselves apart from the competition.

For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are providing benefits when integrated into commercial freezers, and these benefits are most easily understood through in-person demonstrations. Granting customers hands-on experience with product advancements is a win-win situation, as manufacturers can market their improved offerings and customers can learn of solutions which may improve their business. Minus Forty has made advancements which our customers in the pet food industry have found particularly beneficial, as they help businesses save on energy, increase the longevity of their commercial freezers, and access predictive service and maintenance.

Customers who have recently visited Minus Forty booths at trade shows have seen our glass door freezer merchandisers outfitted with a factory installed proprietary SmartConnect IoT technology integrated into them. SmartConnect enables remote access to a digital dashboard which provides information about a customer’s commercial freezers, allows them to receive alerts via text or email, enables temperature monitoring, displays if doors have been left open accidentally, and more.

The true benefit of integrating these emerging commercial refrigerator technologies into the Minus Forty product line is their ability to support the best possible product quality through maintaining proper control standards. But they also detect the presence of any technical issues related to temperature fluctuations, door opening status, evaporator temperature, power failures, and compressor and defrost cycles before they could compromise the unit.

Monitoring commercial refrigerators isn’t always enough, it’s important to also be able to maintain their temperature in an emergency. Minus Forty’s SmartLock gives businesses more control and confidence that their products are being held at a safe temperature. Essentially, SmartLock is an integrated food health monitor that can alert businesses to changes in commercial freezer or cooler temperatures that could potentially damage products and profits.

One of Minus Forty’s latest innovations is a touchless payment solution called PicoCooler Breeze. This is a unit connected to shelf weight sensors inside our commercial coolers to determine which specific product has been removed by a consumer. It then automatically charges their method of payment. The benefits of all these innovations are more easily understood through our trade show demonstrations, done by our own team of experts.

Learn how other companies market and sell products

Maybe your business already made the right decision and installed Minus Forty commercial refrigerator technology, but you want to increase sales even further. Industry trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to observe and learn about the many ways companies grab your attention and push their product over their competitors. Color is one of the simplest, and one of the most effective ways to grab attendees’ attention. This principle can be applied to commercial freezers as well. For example, pet food retailers who visit our trade boots can experience how color and branding can be applied to freezer units to increase visual appeal and brand consistency, ultimately resulting in higher sales.

Minus Forty units are intentionally made as a “blank canvas” which enables customers feature their chosen products through door stickers, banners, decals, and bright, high visibility backlight signage. Ideally, messaging in marketing designs provides information quickly, and is easily understood. Keep things interesting, but also simple and to the point.

Attending industry trade shows will keep you at the forefront of the industry as things change and evolve. It’s one of the best ways to understand the market, what’s trending, and what the competition is up to. New products can be tested, new commercial refrigerator technologies can be understood better, and overall, your business will benefit.

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