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How Does Your Refrigeration Merchandising Stack Up?

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Refrigeration merchandising is an ever evolving process and only those who take the time to work at it win more impulse sales.

When was the last time you took a long hard look at your coolers or freezers?  What are they telling you?  Let’s look at some basics:

Location, location, location!

Due to their size and power requirements, most standard, reach-in, coolers and freezers are placed along the peripheral walls. Convenient yes, but they may not be as visible to customers as an end cap or in-line placement might be.

Attract, engage, convert

Customers want ease of entry and egress when entering a store.  Ensure obstacles are kept to a minimum and you have direct lines of sight, so customers can quickly scan the store and identify their desired product or category.

  • Keep tables, shelves, and store fixtures below 60” allowing for good sight lines around your store.
  • Are your shelves stocked? Orderly, stocked shelves have a direct impact on product sales, conveying freshness and attention to stale dates
  • Is there a simple logical order to how your products are stocked? Again, pay attention to your best selling products, and ensure the order from low to high and left to right make sense.
  • Use the proper guides or dividers to keep your products in-line. If baskets are required, try sectioning them with dividers to increase organization and ease of selection.
  • Colorful door stickers, banners, and various decals can add interest to a wall of coolers, but be careful not to overdo it. They should provide quick information, be easily understood, and ensure they do not confuse your customers. Plan to change up the decals as often as possible to promote interest and keep customers engaged.

While these basics seem relatively simple, it is always amazing to see how often they are overlooked.  Discuss these fundamentals with your team and plan out your store design accordingly. For more information on effective refrigerated merchandising strategies, give us a call!

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