Kooick is the evolution of the Grab and Go vending machines, empowering sellers with new opportunities to increase sales. Kooick chose Due North as the ideal vehicle to take Kooick’s technology to market. Utilizing leading-edge imaging technology, the Kooick system enables consumers to purchase products with an automated check-out process. More about Kooick

“We enjoy working with Due North to meet the demands of food and beverage retail businesses today. We are facilitating the unattended self-service product purchasing and requisitioning process by transforming refrigerated merchandisers into interactive, automated storage solutions that provide the ultimate in convenience.”


Using computer vision, static cameras and weight sensors, Kooick merchandisers provide a highly accurate and reliable frictionless vending experience.

KOOICK on Minus Forty commercial refrigerator


  • App based payment system
  • Computer vision, static cameras integrated with AI and weight sensors determine precisely what was purchased
  • Provides real-time purchasing data and unique consumer insights using image-based data


  • Higher transaction accuracy minimizing shrinkage
  • Improved sales and operations due to accurate, real-time data

Kooick Features

  • App based payment system
  • Monitoring camera
  • Weight sensors
  • Computer vision
  • Static cameras

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