Proprietary technologies

Due North’s proprietary technologies extend beyond refrigeration and include functionalities that help our customers reimagine retail refrigeration.


A NAMA certified temperature-based health lock, fully integrated into Minus Forty coolers and freezers.

  • Monitors the interior storage temperature of a commercial merchandiser to allow for safe merchandising of perishable food products
  • Safeguards the products inside by locking the merchandiser when a pre-set temperature limit is reached
  • Functions during a power outage with a battery back-up feature that ensures a dependable food safety monitoring system
SmartLock on Minus Forty commercial refrigerator


An IoT platform that provides operators with real-time information to effectively manage their retail merchandiser.

  • Connects Minus Forty® merchandisers to a cloud-based dashboard that tracks key data like cabinet temperature, door opening status, evaporator temperature, alarms
  • Allows remote functions such as door locking or unlocking, temperature set point adjustment, etc.
  • Provides a dashboard of detailed historical temperature reporting and instant notifications to the operator via text or email


SmartConnect on Minus Forty commercial refrigerator

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