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Let There Be Light. Minus Forty LED Lighting.

pet store with LED lights and Minus Forty commercial refrigerator

It’s October, the days are getting shorter and the dark nights are creeping up on us much earlier. Coming to an end on November 1st 2020 is daylight savings time, where we push the clocks back one hour to “fall back”. The mornings are also darker. Darkness outside is one thing, darkness in your commercial refrigerator or freezer is another. It’s certainly not something you want to welcome. And, not something that will help with your refrigeration food product sales.

So, for the sake of selling more, keep the lights on – keep our Minus Forty LED lights on as they have a powerful effect on product presentation and customer perception.

Minus Forty LED lighting makes a difference

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of quality lighting in your commercial merchandising units, several studies have highlighted the benefits of effective display lighting. According to the research of Xun (Irene) Huang, Ping Dong, Aparna Labroo and Dorothy K Sit at Kellogg School, very bright lighting can create heightened emotional responses that cause shoppers to buy items more impulsively. For this reason, you typically see bright lighting in queue lines, where many retailers will display impulse items or in convenience stores and other food retail locations such as glass door refrigeration units.

Effective bright LED lighting can be a pretty compelling thing when it comes to the psychology of purchasing products. They offer a competitive advantage that positively impacts food retail sales and your business profitability.

Take our word for it and consider the facts

In Minus Forty freezers and coolers, we use premium, energy efficient LED lighting for color vibrancy and contrast, providing the intended effect for which your product packaging was designed. A good lighting contrast will make your delicious food products and brand messaging stand out by pulling them out of the darkness and giving them more visual depth.

Not only does premium LED lighting look good, it also does your business and the planet some good.

It offers long operational life and it’s efficient. High quality LEDs can offer operational life up to 100,000 hours and are 4-5 times more efficient than traditional lighting technologies. As your freezers and coolers are working hard, running 24/7 to keep your food product fresh and in a consumable state, year-round, the savings of efficient lighting can add up. They have a lifespan that totals more than 11 years, so you have a long-term commitment that your products will always be lit and will never be in the dark.

Other great tactics to use to draw attention to your refrigerated products:

  • Space – don’t cram the product
  • Bring your most popular products forward and at eye level
  • Have best before dates facing forward
  • Consider exterior branding of your merchandiser(s)
  • Use black interior to accentuate the product instead of the traditional white

Let us help you pull your products out of October dark days and bring them into the light with our well-lit Minus Forty commercial coolers and freezers.

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