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Maximize Sales With A Freezer Or Commercial Refrigerator

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Consider these four ways to maximize sales with a freezer or commercial refrigerator.

  1. Apply visual marketing and branding when making your next freezer or commercial refrigerator merchandiser.
  2. Employ color to influence consumer choices.
  3. Ensure visibility with brightly lit interiors.
  4. Use eye-catching displays.

Put visual marketing and branding to work in your next purchase of a freezer or commercial refrigerator merchandiser.

Capturing customer attention is the number one job of a freezer or commercial refrigerator merchandising unit, and a cleverly designed graphic can distract shoppers long enough to tempt them into trying a new product or making an impulse purchase they weren’t planning on making.

This lesson can be applied to any freezer or commercial refrigerator retail environment, but it’s especially important in convenience stores and supermarkets, where there are long rows of identical refrigerators or freezer merchandisers with competing product.

We work with our clients to ensure their merchandisers are a unique reflection of their brand messaging and collaborate creatively and efficiently to ensure Minus Forty is the best possible investment to help them sell more frozen and refrigerated products. Since refrigerated stock can account for nearly 50 per cent of total inventory, retailers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of visually merchandising their chilled and frozen foods.

The role of color

Color is a key component of visual marketing for a freezer or commercial refrigerator unit. Color can influence consumer purchasing choices. Bright colors like orange and red radiate energy, while cooler greens and blues relax and slow down the pace. If the objective is to attract initial attention to a new product, bright colors can help it achieve this goal. If a business or brand wishes to associate its products with relaxation and calm, using soothing tones like green or blue might be a better strategy.

Certain colors carry strong connections to specific ideas and evoke different feelings in people, which businesses can use to enhance their merchandising. For example, green is strongly associated with the environmental movement, so a company that is marketing to an eco-conscious crowd might benefit from liberal use of green in its product displays.

Another way to employ color is look at where the merchandiser is located. In areas saturated with a certain color, choosing contrasting colors will help a display stand out.

Visibility is key

The urge to linger and window shop is the holy grail of merchandising, so it’s key that the interiors are brightly lit to showcase the items contained within. LED lighting can help boost your sales. Our commercial merchandisers are illuminated with light-emitting diodes, (LED), which saturates products with an even application of directional light.

At the same time, LED reduces glare and renders colours accurately, packing a high-contrast punch. Our high-efficiency glass doors ensure nothing stands between customers and a perfectly showcased view of the products inside.

Remember the retailing maxim: Eye level is ‘buy level’. A well-curated and strategically placed inventory will position best-selling products at eye level. This makes it easy for shoppers to find the products they buy most often. Capitalize on this by placing new products close to these best sellers increasing the likelihood that they are seen. This is also a great opportunity to tie in a graphic highlighting the new product in the well-trafficked commercial merchandiser.

Get them coming – and going

When shoppers walk through your door, an eye-catching display right up front should make them slow down. Otherwise, they may rush in and buy as little as they planned to. Smart retailers set up large, seasonal displays at their entrances, to wow customers as they enter and get them to stop, touch, or try.

At the end of their visit, you can count on last-minute buying decisions to be made, often with little thought. Here at the point of sale (POS), displays are responsible for 80 per cent of the buying decision. These are impulse buys, so keep small and ready-to-eat items, even drinks in this position. It’s also a hot spot to highlight promotions and new products you want to introduce to customers.

Purchasing an energy-efficient, stylish and modern commercial merchandiser is a great step toward bringing more sales to your venture. Invest in a Minus Forty merchandiser and rely on our expertise to show you how to capitalize on your investment, with striking visual displays that your customers will notice.


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