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Minus Forty’s Commercial Refrigeration Secret Power

thermometer showing a temperature of -15c image on the Due North website

If there’s one thing that’s critical for food sales, it’s the food safety that comes with Minus Forty’s commercial refrigeration products. Rapid temperature loss isn’t something that can be worked around in most cases, and that’s a catastrophe we never want our customers to experience.

Keeping refrigerated and frozen products at a safe and stable temperature is what Minus Forty is all about. Our products have been engineered and tested to the point where we feel there’s no comparable unit for sale on the market that can outperform us on technology, design or reliability. That last factor – reliability – is perhaps more important than anything else when it comes to refrigeration technology. After all, if anything fails, our customers will not only have a repair bill, they’ll suffer a loss in terms of the products that will have spoiled.

A constant, even temperature fends off ice crystals, so maintaining a stable temperature is key to ensuring product integrity. Minus Forty makes one of the few glass door merchandisers on the market that can maintain an average internal temperature of -15F. Our commitment to this low temperature lies in our origins providing freezer merchandisers for the ice cream industry. Our theory is that colder is better, especially in a high traffic area where the door is constantly opened throughout the day. Keeping that product colder will protect it from losing that consistency.

In 2014, Minus Forty Technologies Corp. introduced an innovative product to ensure their customers could have complete confidence in the performance and reliability of their merchandisers. The dual functional, fully integrated and NAMA-listed health timer named Smartlock was an innovation whose time had come. Five years later, it’s still an industry leader. The Smartlock will alert users any time the internal temperature rises above a pre-set level. This is to ensure the integrity of the product, protect it from spoiling and, if spoiled, from being sold. 

Finally, air circulation is key to maintaining stable evenly distributed temperatures. Older freezer and refrigerator units don’t have circulated or forced air to keep an even temperature across all the product stored within. This can have an effect on the quality and shelf life of the product, depending on how long it is stored. If your business requires lengthy storage times for frozen products, ensure you buy freezers that have forced air functionality, like those we proudly manufacture at Minus Forty.

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