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Commercial Freezers With No Frosty Service

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Goodbye frosty service, hello Minus Forty commercial freezers…

 Are you running a retail operation that sells any kind of frozen food? If so, you know owners depend on quality commercial freezers to keep their food ‘frozen fresh’. Nobody wants freezer frost problems in their units, nor do they want to deal with commercial freezer manufacturers who are just plain ol’ frosty.

When you purchase commercial freezers or coolers from Minus Forty, you never have to deal with any frosty service. We always take time out to serve our customers and to let them know how much we appreciate them. Every customer that Minus Forty has is a valued customer, just like every commercial freezer or cooler innovation we ever create is with our customers’ business success in mind. We take great pride in delivering industry leading commercial refrigeration technology, along with best-in-class customer service that does not make you feel like you’ve been left out in the cold.

A smarter investment and better sales

We are always living up to our customer value proposition, which is helping you sell more product through the best and most innovative commercial freezer technology that you can truly depend on. We’ll cater to any business who needs freezer or cooler units, and we’ll develop a customized delivery program aligned to your in-store needs. Just for you and your business success. We can store finished stock for you and deliver it as you require it. Or we can ship immediately if you need it within 24 hours. Or, maybe, you need something custom? We can do that too. A smaller or narrower unit can also be made for you, if you need it. When you have exactly what you want in a commercial freezer and your business is thriving because of it, we’ve done our job. We’re not happy until you are.

You’ve got questions and we have answers

The retail food industry is busy. You’re busy, that’s why you can call or email us anytime. We also have an online library of resources to help you out. You can access instructional technical support and maintenance videos, product manuals and FAQs. Maybe, our blog on “top 6 most asked questions” can help.

 Test, test and more testing for the best commercial freezers

Every unit we manufacture is extensively tested to ensure 100 per cent performance before we ship it out to you. We test them for a full 18 hours or more to ensure optimal value, quality and reliability before it goes out the door. All of our products come with a strong warranty as well: one-year on parts and labour and five-years on the compressor.

IoT advanced commercial freezer technology

Minus Forty is always living in the moment, and in the future. When it comes to our commercial freezer technology we are always in research and development mode. Our latest tech development is our SmartConnect IoT connectivity. It starts with being able to access more data about your merchandising freezer. Owners of these freezers can gather data on several key parameters like commercial freezer cabinet temperature, door opening status and power failures. You can also view several key indicators on the dashboard, like evaporator temperature, compressor cycles and defrost cycles. Owners also get instant real-time notifications and alerts via text or email, so they can respond remotely and ensure food inventory safety.

We’ll light up your life

In Minus Forty freezers and coolers, we use premium, energy efficient LED lighting for color vibrancy and contrast, providing the intended effect for which your product packaging was designed. A good lighting contrast will make your delicious food products and brand messaging stand out by pulling them out of the darkness and giving them more visual depth.

Branding? Marketing? We do that too.

We work with our clients to ensure their merchandisers are a unique reflection of their brand messaging and collaborate creatively and efficiently to ensure Minus Forty is the best possible investment to help them sell more frozen and refrigerated products. Since refrigerated stock can account for nearly 50 per cent of total inventory, retailers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of visually merchandising their chilled and frozen foods.

No Downtime. Serving you 24/7.

If we can’t answer your questions via our online library of resources, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you’re in the food retail business, we know your workday goes beyond 5 pm. That’s why our Minus Forty customer service department is available 24/7 – with a friendly team that can quickly troubleshoot any issue that may arise. And if we can’t resolve the issue by phone or online, we have a nationwide network of preferred service technicians who can come straight to you.


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