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Top 6 Questions Our Customers Ask About Our Commercial Refrigeration Units

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We’re proud of our long history at Minus Forty. We build premium commercial refrigeration products that are designed to be both durable and reliable. The value of this for our customers is what has brought us to where we are today, with a loyal customer base that buys from us whenever they need to expand their fleet or replace their commercial refrigeration or glass door freezer merchandisers in their stores and offices.

Because we both design and manufacture our products right here in southern Ontario, we can maintain a tight grip on quality control. Our website has a library of technical support videos to help answer some of the most typical queries with helpful demonstrations of basic maintenance. There is also a section where you can find operating and technical manuals for all of our models. That said, we get lots of questions from our customers, especially our first-time buyers. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions our customers ask:

What is the warranty offered by Minus Forty?

Our standard Warranty is explained in detail in the Owner’s Manual. Our standard warranty is 12 months on parts and labour from the date of delivery, and 5 years on the compressor (parts only).

Can we get a door lock on our commercial refrigeration unit?

Yes. Any of our models can accommodate an optional door lock which is recommended for storage of perishable foods.  For quotes and ordering, please contact our Sales Department at 1.800.800.5706; or 905.702.1441.

Can the door hinge be reversed on your commercial glass door merchandisers?

Our glass door merchandisers can be reversed in field. For door reversal instructions, please call our service and warranty department at tel. 1.800.800.5706, ext. 128; or 905.702.1441, ext. 128.

How do I change the merchandiser’s desired temperature?

Thermostat adjustments are explained in detail in our Owner’s Manuals. On models equipped with electronic thermostats, press the P button on the controller, SP1 flashing will follow, then use arrow UP and/or arrow DOWN to increase/decrease the desired temperature. Press and release P to store the selected temperature. On other models, locate the electromagnetic thermostat at the back of the unit. Using a spade screwdriver, turn the thermostat knob clock-wise for a cooler temperature or counter clock-wise for a warmer temperature.

What are the requirements for condenser maintenance for my merchandiser?

The proper cleaning procedure is explained in the Owner’s Manuals. Make sure the merchandiser is disconnected from any power source before commencing any cleaning. Our merchandisers have low-maintenance condensers, which do not require regular cleaning and maintenance under normal operating conditions. Under some exceptions, such as the use of waxed based products for floor cleaning, the condensers need to be cleaned on a periodic basis.

What if the merchandiser isn’t working?

Whenever we ship a merchandiser, we like to point out the Troubleshooting guide that’s in the Owner’s Manual. It lists all the common issues in more detail. But the basics include checking the following:

  • Power cord unplugged or loose
  • Faulty receptacle
  • Circuit breaker tripped, or blown fuse, or open supply circuit
  • Improper power supply applied to the freezer
  • Merchandiser power switch turns off merchandiser in the 6-minute start-up delay mode. Wait until delay expires.
  • Thermostat or electronic controller set for too warm temperature mode
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