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Looking To Buy Refrigerated Merchandisers? Consider These 10 Key Elements.

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You’re in the food and beverage retail business and you’re looking to invest in some refrigerated merchandisers. Or maybe, you require some newly branded refrigerated merchandisers for your retail pet food store? No matter your commercial refrigeration requirements, if you’re selling food or drink products that need cooling or freezing, you should consider quality refrigerated merchandisers that will keep things cold, fresh and if needed frozen fresh.

When shopping for your refrigerated merchandisers, you’ll want to research the product and service, reputation as well. Things like engineering excellence, temperature stability, and reliable, high-performance components that are built to last should be on your list of top priorities. Personalized customer service should be at the core of the brand that you choose to buy your glass door refrigerated merchandiser from. You’ll want to ensure you have quick and easy access to helpful people. Or should you run into any issues, there are technical experts that can help.

Here are ten other key elements that you should consider when buying refrigerated merchandisers.

  1. 24/7 helpful customer service with a smile
  2. Refrigerated merchandisers accompanied by tech support bar none
  3. Fulfilling a promise – Smarter investment. Better sales.
  4. Marketing customization unique to your brand
  5. Food integrity with SmartLock
  6. Remote monitoring with SmartConnect
  7. Green manufacturing standards
  8. Touchless payment systems – hands off with PicoCooler technology
  9. We got your back – warrantees for refrigerated merchandisers
  10. Delivery right to your door


24/7 helpful customer service with a smile

 There are best practice rules when it comes to great customer service and Minus Forty takes this seriously. When you’re in the market to buy refrigerated merchandisers, look for a brand that values your time. That deals with you in a pleasant manor when you are researching and inquiring about the products. They should be knowledgeable on their commercial refrigerator or freezer offering and have helpful resources for you to access.

 The great customer service you can expect when you purchase refrigerated merchandiser freezers or coolers from Minus Forty? Well, every customer that Minus Forty has is a customer that we value and plan to maintain a life-long relationship with by ensuring they feel taken care of. We make sure to always take the time and exceed their expectations, rather than just meet them.

Your business is stronger when we work together. Every customer that buys refrigerated merchandisers from us, is a valued customer. We get back to you as quickly as possible and we’ll work with you till your matter is resolved. Active listening means that we are mindful of our customers’ unique needs to best serve their business mandate.

Refrigerated merchandisers accompanied by tech support bar none

Refrigerated merchandisers that you buy today need to be accompanied by excellent and knowledgeable tech support. Consider a brand whose customer support and tech support team believe in their products. Are they able to discuss glass door merchandiser features and use cases in insightful ways? Can they show how their commercial refrigerators benefit your business and troubleshoot if anything is not working? At Minus Forty, we take great pride in delivering industry leading commercial refrigeration technology and our experts have an expansive knowledge in our merchandiser freezer and cooler products. We make it our goal to know everything there is to know about our food and beverage refrigeration products and we provide market timely considerations for using new features like our SmartConnect and PicoCooler technology.

What about quick access to online support materials for your immediate maintenance needs? We have those. Our products are built to last. They are known for their reliability and superior performance. We manufacture high-quality commercial refrigerated merchandising solutions that surpass industry standards. But if you do encounter something, technical support is always there for you, but so are our operating and technical manuals, maintenance videos, and the online parts order form.

Fulfilling a promise – Smarter investment. Better sales.

 An efficient operation is essential to running your business. You can’t have lost profits and spoiled products! And certainly, you can’t be spending your time on constant repairs. That’s why you need refrigerated merchandisers that have exceptional product quality integrity and a hassle-free ownership experience. Minus Forty commercial refrigerators are built to last with greater up-time and lower maintenance requirements and costs, for an overall lower total cost of ownership.

When you’re in the market to purchase refrigerated merchandisers, consider how customers perceive your brand/company. How does your business stack up against the competition? Then take that lens and apply it to your next purchase by making a strategic business investment in commercial refrigerated products that are built on reputation and reliability. With today’s environmental standards, you should be partnering with a brand that as a longstanding commitment to energy efficiency, (and one that exceeds industry standards). This will save you money over the lifetime of your refrigerated merchandisers.

 Marketing customization unique to your brand

 Minus Forty is as invested in your bottom line as you are. Because consumer choices can be influenced by branding and colors, we place great emphasis on presentation. In fact, think of our merchandisers as a “blank canvas” and from a marketing standpoint, a very effective way to feature your food products and beverages through colorful door stickers, banners, and decals, and bright, high visibility backlight signage.

Standing out is key in our competitive food and beverage retail market. Your customers are naturally influenced by irresistible glass door refrigerators. Our refrigerated merchandisers are sleek in nature and contemporary in terms of design. They are built for visual impact, driving more sales for your business. We can brand a one-off cabinet or a fleet of commercial refrigerators and freezers to help you sell more products. We can brand several unit models for you, such as single and double glass door commercial refrigerators, counter-top models, under counter and speciality models.

Commercial refrigerator branding services that Minus Forty provides:

  • Full graphics capabilities and several merchandiser color choices
  • Full height glass doors for product display and better product merchandising
  • Premium fit and finish options

Thinking of using some messaging in your designs? Note it should be brief, easy to understand and be in simple language to not confuse your customers. Lastly, keep it fresh and plan to change up the decals periodically to keep your customer based engaged.

Food integrity with SmartLock

 We get it! Food safety and food hygiene are always top-of-mind for you. You need refrigerated merchandisers that maintain food integrity. Minus Forty merchandisers can chill food at a rapid rate and maintain stable temperatures. This way, the integrity of your products, their taste and texture are maintained at the highest levels.

Our state-of-the-art NAMA certified fully integrated SmartLock health timer keeps an eye, always, on your food by protecting items from spoilage.

Remote monitoring with SmartConnect

In concert with the Minus Forty SmartLock, our refrigerated merchandisers have our SmartConnect technology that leverages IoT. This technology connects your commercial refrigerator to a cloud-based dashboard. Through connectivity, you’ll always be aware of your refrigerator status. In the event of an operational alarm such as a high temperature or door open alarm, you will immediately be notified. And you can be in the store premises or working remotely and you’ll receive the notification.

SmartConnect can read and action your refrigerated merchandiser’s data including temperature, door opening status, evaporator temperature, power failures, and compressor and defrost cycles.  You can also check current and past merchandiser reporting for alarm conditions such as high temperature, door open, malfunction alarms and remotely silence alarms.

This type of connectivity gives businesses so much useful information in real time and allows owners to proactively run their operation. Customer service is improved. Operational efficiency is improved. And how you manage your micro market or pet food retail business is improved.

End-result is a positive impact on their profitability.

Its cloud-based platform provides instant notifications and alerts via text or email, so owners can respond remotely and ensure inventory safety. SmartConnect delivers business efficiency, enhanced customer service, quality-assurance compliance, and better profitability.

Refrigerated merchandiser green manufacturing standards

 Minus Forty is always looking for ways to minimize environmental impact, from the products we manufacture to the factory floor. Energy efficiency in our merchandisers exceed current industry standards. We installed a solar generation system on the factory roof that generates ¼ megawatts of renewable energy and our paperless office initiative was extended to the manufacturing area where operators receive work orders electronically. We also use HFO-based spray foam in all our units.

In addition, all freezer and refrigerator models utilize eco-friendly R-290, natural refrigerant putting Minus Forty well ahead of the approaching environmental regulations.

Touchless payment systems – hands off with PicoCooler technology

 Touchless payment systems, like PicoCooler, are here to stay and are only going to get better. This type of smart technology is available, where tablets can be installed on the door of your refrigerated merchandisers or commercial freezers. The tablets can read a customer’s credit card, take a payment, and then give the customer access to the food and beverage products inside via an honor system, where the customer pays for exactly what they take out.

Minus Forty has the same payment solution, PicoCooler Breeze, and it’s connected to shelf weight sensors inside the refrigerated merchandisers to determine what products have been removed by the consumer, and then automatically charge their card. You also have connected video recognition as the customer is pulling the product out of the glass door refrigerator, the product is identified and charged to the card.  Once the transaction is complete, the merchandiser door closes, and locks itself.

 We got your back – warrantees for refrigerated merchandisers

 Minus Forty backs up its products with a one-year warranty on parts and labour and a five-year warranty on the compressor. Along with a nationwide network of preferred service technicians, Minus Forty customer support is available 24/7 with a friendly team that can troubleshoot and quickly resolve any issue that may arise.

 Delivery right to your door

We cater to any opportunity, large or small, and we’ll develop a customized delivery program aligned with your needs. Before being shipped to our customers, every single refrigerated merchandiser product (100%) we manufacture is extensively performance tested for 18 hours or more to ensure optimum quality and reliability. We will store finished stock or ship immediately – whatever you need – within 24 hours if necessary.


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