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What To Look For When Buying Commercial Freezers? Consider These Three Qualities.

Minus Forty commercial refrigerators in a line

Purchasing energy-efficient, stylish, and modern technology commercial freezers is a great step toward bringing more sales to your food retail or pet food business. As a business owner the best things you could ask for out of your merchandiser freezers are do they provide efficiency to my business? Do they provide enhanced customer service? Do they provide quality-assurance compliance? And do they give me better profitability?

Minus Forty products and our company have many great qualities. Purchasers of our commercial freezers can buy through a distributor or buy direct from Minus Forty. When discussing our products with customers, we focus on reinforcing three key messages:

  1. Are they Proven?
  2. Are they Good Looking?
  3. Are they Smart?

Buy commercial freezers that are Proven

  • We have been building the best commercial freezers for more than a decade.
  • We have sold more commercial freezers to the pet industry than any other manufacturer, by far.
  • We are trusted by major retailers and food brands for their commercial refrigeration needs.
  • Our commercial freezers are reliable and have great uptime. This minimizes food spoilage and maximizes sales volumes for our retailers and food brand customers.
  • Reliable products come with access to reliable technical experts/customer service reps who can help with your commercial refrigeration needs.
  • We provide easy access via our website to operating and technical manuals, maintenance videos and you can easily order parts for your commercial freezers.
  • Look for a glass door freezer merchandiser brand that, no matter the size of your business, will develop a customized delivery program aligned with your needs.
  • Before the freezer units are shipped to our customers, Minus Forty ensures that every single freezer merchandiser (100%) that we manufacture is extensively performance tested for 18 hours or more to ensure optimum quality and reliability. We will store finished stock or ship immediately – whatever you need
  • When it comes to warrantees, Minus Forty backs up its products with a one-year warranty on parts and labour and a five-year warranty on the compressor (parts).  

Buy commercial freezers that are Good Looking

  • We build commercial freezers and coolers specifically for food and pet food retail. Their looks, including customized branding, support greater sales at retail.
  • Effective POP can increase store sales by 20%. Our commercial freezers are in fact retailer merchandisers, built to sell products and display them in the most attractive manner.
  • Think of a commercial refrigeration unit as a “blank canvas” and from a marketing standpoint, a very effective way to feature food products through colorful door stickers, banners, and decals, and bright, high visibility branded backlight signage.
  • Our commercial freezers represent quality and finishes are premium, which in turn makes our retailer and/or food brand deliver a premium experience – possibly allowing for premium food pricing and/or higher perceived product quality.

Buy commercial freezers that are Smart

  • Our glass door freezer merchandisers have an available option of a factory installed proprietary SmartConnect IoT technology integrated into them.
  • Our SmartConnnect technology allows for remote access via our dashboard to information, with alerts via text or email, about the merchandiser including temperature monitoring, faults (if any), door left open and more.
  • The primary benefit is to support the best possible product quality by maintaining proper control standards. An additional benefit is to understand the presence of any technical issues related to temperature, door opening status, evaporator temperature, power failures, and compressor and defrost cycles potentially in advance of equipment compromise.
  • Our commercial freezers and coolers can be ordered with our SmartLock It provides more control to operators and a higher degree of confidence that their food is being maintained at a safe temperature.  It’s basically a built-in food health monitor that alerts retail managers to a change in the commercial freezer or cooler temperature that could jeopardize the integrity of the food.
  • Standard on all our locking merchandiser freezers if the temperature rises above a certain temperature point for a pre-set period, the unit automatically locks the door preventing access to potentially contaminated food.
  • Minus Forty has a touchless payment solution called PicoCooler Breeze. It is connected to shelf weight sensors inside the commercial cooler cabinet to determine what products have been removed by the consumer, and then automatically charges their card.

Minus Forty commercial glass door freezer merchandisers to consider are:

  • The 19-USGF-L2 SmartLock display freezer merchandiser. This unit is slim, so it fits perfectly in smaller spaces. It’s energy-efficient and only 26½” wide with an eco-friendly, self-contained R290 refrigeration system that delivers set point temperatures down to -20°F.
    This model includes the Minus Forty SmartLock health timer, which constantly monitors the interior storage temperature and safeguards stored food products by locking the merchandiser when a pre-set safety limit is reached. The SmartLock system’s battery back-up ensures the food safety system functions during a power outage.
  • The 22-USGF-L2 SmartLock Display Freezer Merchandiser. This unit has it all. Great styling. Great features. Great value. It’s a very popular single door freezer with the added benefit of the Minus Forty SmartLock health timer. This energy-efficient model with an eco-friendly, self-contained R290 refrigeration system delivers set point temperatures of -20°F.
  • The 43-UDGF upright freezer merchandiser with double glass door. This unit is only 46.5 inches wide with styling that stands out from the crowd, this model is ideal for stand-alone or in-line merchandising. As a result of the eco-friendly refrigerant system design changes our engineers have implemented, this model can be plugged into a standard 15 Amp outlet. No special outlets are required.

Minus Forty merchandiser freezers are the best possible investment to sell more frozen products. Our North American-made commercial freezers and coolers provide superior product presentation, deliver a lower total-cost-of-ownership, allow for exceptional product quality integrity and a hassle-free ownership experience. View all Minus Forty commercial freezers.


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