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Minus Forty’s SmartConnect

Minus Forty SmartConnect

Minus Forty’s SmartConnect™ is the evolution of IoT connectivity for micromarket cooler merchandisers. It allows remote door locking and unlocking on units that are equipped with Minus Forty’s food safety SmartLock.

In concert with SmartLock™, Minus Forty introduced SmartConnect™ to leverage IoT. It connects our cabinets to a cloud-based dashboard. Through that connectivity, the operator is always aware of the cabinet’s status. In the event of an operational alarm such as a high temp or door open alarm, for example they will immediately be notified.

Connectivity gives the operator much more information in real time and allows them to be much more proactive. It’s another way to improve customer service and operational efficiency in how they manage their business, and this has a positive impact on their profitability.

SmartConnect™ accesses merchandiser data including temperature, door opening status, evaporator temperature, power failures, and compressor and defrost cycles. Owners can check current and past merchandiser reporting for alarm conditions such as high temperature, door open, malfunction alarms and remotely silence alarms.

Its cloud-based platform provides instant notifications and alerts via text or email, so owners can respond remotely and ensure inventory safety. SmartConnect™ delivers business efficiency, enhanced customer service, quality-assurance compliance and better profitability.

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