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Present your fresh and prepared foods in the best light with our top-tier refrigerated merchandisers. Whether it’s crisp salads or gourmet sandwiches, our solutions keep your food items perfectly cooled and temptingly displayed. Ideal for convenience stores, grab n’ go, delis, and supermarkets, our units balance optimal refrigeration with energy efficiency and high visibility. Partner with us to keep your fresh and prepared foods appetizing, your customers satisfied, and your sales high.

  • Optimal refrigeration technology ensures fresh and prepared foods stay appetizing for longer
  • High energy efficiency allows for more sustainable operations and lower utility costs
  • Custom-made solutions catered to your specific requirements for a perfect match with your store layout

Our Customers

Due North retail refrigerated merchandisers appear in tens of thousands of locations. Our customers all have specific goals that are achieved through our standard or customized range of merchandisers.

Some of our fresh & prepared customers include:

A group of Minus Forty fridges and coolers

Our Products

Due North retail refrigerated merchandiser brands; Minus Forty and QBD are built to exacting standards. Minus Forty branded merchandisers have extensive capabilities for the fresh & prepared market and are present in thousands of retailers.

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